Psalm 90:17

Psalm 90 17


Whether we even realize it or not, beauty strongly affects our hearts.

Truly, our hearts are touched…strongly….positively…by the presence of beauy…it actually nourishes and enriches us!

And why wouldn’t that be so?

It’s understandable, because the great Master Creator and Artist of everything is the very One Who invented the beauty that surrounds us…and our spirits…to drink it in!

We then want to participate in that beauty—from observing, appreciating and magnifying God’s own beauty—to treasuring the beauty of His creation–to allowing God to hone and craft our spirits through His truth in order to become more beautiful in our hearts, as well!

In fact, we long for Him to establish the works of our very own hands–longing for our work to really matter–to be of value–of worth–of beauty–and ultimately, for His glory!

Hope your day will be filled with that true kind of beauty!



p.s. Please feel free to copy this photo (for personal, not commercial use) and print it to make a set of special gift cards for someone….sharing the beauty of God’s word and a glimpse at His creation!

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