Rejoice in the LORD


A knock at the door….

…a sweet friend waiting there….

…with a warm, loving smile…..

….and a tulip bouquet!!!

Ohhh….how very special….especially on a gray and cloudy late winter day…to have a breath of spring delivered to our door by a loving heart!

Such a treat!

And as you can see, these beauties basking in the sun early the next mornings, brought that sunshine inside, in great measure!

They seemed to shout, “Rejoice in the LORD always!”

Even on gray and dreary late winter days…when we’ve had enough of the dark and the cold…when happenings in our lives are heavy with concern…when cares threaten to weigh us down….then….especially then….we need to rejoice in the LORD….always…looking for the good and thank-worthy blessings…like unexpected beauty…hope…kindnesses…and dear ones….because the blessings really are there…just waiting for us to look for them…and to find them!

Praying for you, as you look for your own thank-worthy blessings!

Sending hugs!


p.s.  When was the last time you brightened someone’s day with the gift of unexpected flowers?!

7 thoughts on “Rejoice in the LORD

  1. Thank you for your Sunday morning is good to see you sharing with us again, in spite of your heavy schedule. Our love to you and John. jdn

    • Hoping there’s good health at both the Nicholson and Hains houses! Our love and best wishes to you and Joan! Cecil and Morris

  2. LISA the beauty of your sunny, yellow flowers and your special words are second only to the sunny and happy and grateful and warm and loving and giving and gracious, beautiful people that you and John are. Thank YOU for always and forever sharing yourselves.

    Thank you too Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson for always standing by John and Lisa as they continue your ministry of serving others in God’s name. All who have ever met the lot of you is truly blessed.

    May God give you blessings in abundance, shaken together and overflowing.

    Love, Marilyn

    • Oh, dear Marilyn!!

      You precious and loving friend…such beautiful accolades we are not worthy of—

      We just hope that in our meager ways, the LORD Himself, Who is all of those attributes in perfection, may be praised!!!

      Thank you for ALL of your love and encouragement!

  3. Hope health is improving at both the Hains and Nicholson houses; and that springtime and lovely flowers will soon be there. We enjoyed the phone conversation and your video, John. You looked and sounded so good! Cecil

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