HOPE in the LORD! Psalm 31:23-24

Hello dear ones—

Do you sometimes feel like HOPE is in short supply these days? 

With all the turmoil…terrifying news stories of sickness…and political unrest…upheavals…fear-mongering…and contradicting information…

Do you feel like your heart just can’t take much more?  You’re not alone…the same is felt by so many.

So…who has the answers…what is the solution in all this mess?  Believe me…humans cannot, and never will be able to “fix” all of these problems…


…..there is Someone so far greater than all the pain and heartache we’re witnessing or experiencing personally—Someone so awesome, loving, holy, and worthy of our respect and praise—Who longs to comfort us in these terrible times…truly!…Someone Who longs to give us HOPE!

Please notice these HOPE-filled words from Psalm 31:23-24:

“Oh, love the LORD, all you His saints!

For the LORD preserves the faithful,

And fully repays the proud person.

Be of good courage,

And He shall strengthen your heart,

All you who hope in the LORD.

Notice in the above text, the call to LOVE the LORD….for GOD:

1. “preserves the faithful”. 

How wonderful!  “Preserve”, from the Hebrew text, means to guard, protect, maintain.  Isn’t that exactly what we desire—need—and long for?  Amazing!  And did you notice who is preserved?  The text says it is the faithful who are preserved—those who are faithful to the LORD: those who trust and believe Him!  That can be us—if we choose. 

2. God “fully repays the proud person”.

“Repay” means to reciprocate…so God will fully reciprocate the proud (arrogant, haughty person) for his wicked ways!

It sounds like God will settle the score, doesn’t it? 

We can trust Him! 

All the injustices will be dealt with and punished by the One Who has the supreme authority and power to do so.  We sure want/need to be on His team then, don’t we?!

The second half of our text is so HOPE-filled!  We’re looking for…searching for…hungering for HOPE? 

HOPE is a choice we can make! 

Please notice it with me:

Be of good courage,

And He shall strengthen your heart,

All you who hope in the LORD.

Those who “HOPE in the LORD”, by definition, are those who patiently wait, and trust in Him!  Do we HOPE in the LORD like that…trusting…and patiently waiting on Him?

These are the persons that GOD invites to “be of good courage”, carrying the meaning: to seize, be strong, courageous, strengthen, conquer…


God gives the reason we can be of “good courage” and “HOPE in the LORD”—because the awesome, loving and mighty God is the One Who “will STRENGTHEN” our hearts!

When He is our HOPE—and our FOCUS—in all of the troubles that threaten to overwhelm us, He will “strengthen” our hearts—causing us to be “alert in courage, steadfastly minded, stronger, established, confirmed”! Strengthened hearts in times of trouble–and hearts full of HOPE, because we choose to have our hope anchored in Him–are just what our spirits need! Such a HOPE will NOT disappoint!

We can’t help but love and trust the Father in heaven—Who deeply cares about our well-being now—and for eternity!  It really matters to Him!

                 And He has paid the price in love, to prove it!

Included below is the print-ready graphic with this hope-filled passage, in case you would like to make a hope-filled collage to frame for yourself, or…as a gift, to share this encouraging Bible text with someone who’s heart could use a hug.

Here are the construction instructions:

1.  Your background page can be anything of interest to you: a piece of scrap-booking paper; a newspaper page, an old map, a photo-copy of an old letter or book page; a scrap of pretty wallpaper or fabric, or if you’d like, you can print a copy of this watercolour painting from a previous blog post:  https://heartinspirations.ca/2013/02/10/my-heart-stands-in-awe-of-your-word/ You’ll want to size it to fit your frame…or…make it just a little larger than your mat size, if using one.

2.  Next, print the passage, on the sheerest paper you have…which should allow a little of the background to show through.  I used a “parchment” type paper.  (Be sure the sheer paper is safe to put through your printer though—you don’t want to create a paper jam if it’s too thin!)  If you don’t have any sheer paper, don’t worry.  Just pick something that co-ordinates with the colour of your background paper.  I have the passage print-ready for you (below), measuring at just a little narrower than 4 inches.  You can adjust it to fit your background paper size.  Once printed, you may cut the edges to trim it to your desired shape and size, or for more interest, you can simply tear the edges.  You’ll want to glue this lightly to the background sheet…but not until you play around with the placement of your embellishments, to get it right.

3.  Now have fun gluing on scraps of vintage lace, ribbon, buttons or other embellishments, to dress up your page.  Use your imagination!  Wait for the glue to dry, then mat or frame.  Now you’re ready to enjoy this hope-filled reminder from Psalm 31!

Sending hugs and warm wishes to you, encouraging you to choose to “HOPE in the LORD”!



2 thoughts on “HOPE in the LORD! Psalm 31:23-24

    • MUCH THANKS, Donna, for your encouragement…so good to see you here! It’s a wonderful, hope-filled passage, isn’t it?! God is so gracious!!

      Hugs and love to you,

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