My Heart Stands in Awe of Your Word

geranium 1 600dpi auto quick fix edited with scripture Psalm 119 161

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God’s precious words!  Our hearts can’t help but stand in awe and rejoice in the amazing treasure that His truth truly is!!!

And we can fill the empty, unsure, troubled or painful places in our hearts with  His truths–as well as seek life-giving direction from it!

There is no limit–there is no shortage of His truth–we can feast on it!!

Such an amazing gift!!

Thank You–Thank You Lord, for Your beautiful word!!


Today, as a treat, I’m sending you a matched set of paintings, in case you’d like to print and use them…with Valentines just around the corner….

…..along with a crafting idea…

Please feel welcome  to print and use these –perhaps to frame or to create a  set of cards or stationery, or to make the super-easy and simple gift cannister, as illustrated at the end of this post–as gifts for someone special….or for yourself…

As always, these scripture art graphics, and others on this site, are free for you to use personally! (But not for commercial use.)

And if you enjoy Heart Inspirations and think your friends would too, please feel welcome to share this site with them.



geranium 2 1200 dpi    Psalm 119   162

Below is a photo of the gift cannister, filled with Valentine goodies tucked into tissue paper inside….

paper gift holder geraniums

This is perhaps the quickest paper craft that you can do–and with Valentines Day this week, you may want to make a basket full!  It makes a great place to tuck sweets or a small gift.

Simply copy and print the scripture art graphic onto regular copy paper or light card stock….roll the paper into a cylinder/cannister…overlap and glue the opposite sides.  I found that inserting a water bottle inside the cylinder made the gluing a snap.

Centre the seam at the back of the cylinder, and glue one end closed.  If you want to trim the edge as I did with pinking shears, just be sure your line of glue is about 1/2 inch in from the edge to prevent getting glue on your scissors.  I love Alene’s Tacky Glue!  A glue gun could work too.

Now, wrap your treat(s) in a little tissue and nestle inside the cannister.

Here comes the interesting twist.

Instead of gluing the other end in the normal way, with the seam at the centre back, instead, roll the seam to one side, and glue as you did the other end.  This creates a strong and creative package, almost forming a type of triangle effect.  The picture will help explain what I’m saying.

Now if you’d like to embellish your cannister, you may glue on buttons, ribbons, lace or dust it with some glitter….have fun!

This technique can work with most any of the other scripture art graphics…just pick one that you like…to make a treat for….Sunday school students, or great teacher’s gifts, favours for baby showers, children’s parties….a basket full by the door for drop-in guests….

Enjoy!  And have fun with your imagination!!

7 thoughts on “My Heart Stands in Awe of Your Word

      • Thank you, Lisa. The person I got the design from no longer does that sort of thing. She was sharing free designs for a while and what you see was my favorite one.

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