What Does the LORD Require of Thee

Clara's Camelia-001

The Lord’s requests are simple…and make for simply the best life!




And those who live this way are invited to walk with God!  Amazing!

We’re not left to guess what God defines as justice…mercy…or humility–His thoughts are found in His word, the Bible!

Folks who walk this way are truly the most beautiful and successful of all people!

Hugs to you!


p.s.  This painting was inspired by the gift of a lovely fresh camellia from a beautiful friend…in the warm south…many winters ago.

The bloom faded, but the friendship is vibrant and precious!

5 thoughts on “What Does the LORD Require of Thee

  1. What a beautiful painting and such warm words of wisdom re the friendship. My question?? Where have these paintings been hiding from your Dad all these years?? Thanks for sharing. Love you, Dad

  2. Thank you for sending this and mentioning where the inspiration for the flower came from. It is truly beautiful.

    Hope all is well with you. How is your daughter doing? God Bless Lauraine


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