~About the Artist


A Canadian artist, I live in beautiful southern Ontario.

Painting and drawing have been a love of mine from childhood.  Watercolours are my favourite medium, and I also enjoy acrylics, oils and pen work.

And photography is a great and enjoyable way to document the amazing beauty of God’s creation—and from a painter’s standpoint—a much quicker way to capture that beauty!  🙂

It’s such a joy to share the riches of God’s precious truths from the Bible with you, in my artwork and photography.

Hope it will bring you blessings and joy!


Lisa Hains

7 thoughts on “~About the Artist

  1. Thank you daughter, Lisa. Good work – may the Lord be glorified as you use another one of your talents in extending His Love and Kingdom. love, Mom and Dad.

    • Thanks so much Melisa!
      Thanks for visiting!
      All the artwork/photography is for sharing—so please feel welcome to copy or print anything you like for personal use, Melisa!

  2. Dear Lisa……Peggy looked up one of your blogs about being afraid and trusting God. She, has taken it and shared it again. How apropo. Thank you Peggy. Like you, Peggy is a faith-filled, faithful woman. For the 25+ years I’ve know you, you have trust, glorified, listened, given, mothered, sistered, and shared – your home, your goodness, your bible studies, your desserts, your flowers, your drawings, your gifts of floral arranging and more……more…..and even more……

    This is a reminder to you of how much you are loved – cherished even – as you go through the uncertainty of these critical days. God has you and John in his hands.

    Love, Marilyn

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