Psalm 63:3-4

Psalm 63 3 and 4


The water glittered and sparkled with a thousand diamonds as the sun played on its reflection.


It was beautiful…just beautiful!


We stood and took in the scene, my husband and I, our hearts hungry for the beauty of springtime….birdsong filling the air….vibrant yellow forsythia branches gracefully dipping toward the water.


We’d strolled through a park to the edge of the water….enjoying it all….and never guessing that in just a few short weeks, in only a handful of days….our world would change….life itself would hold its breath….and wait in a precarious balance….


Life or death.


Truly, none of us knows the number of our days here on earth.  That’s why each day, every one, needs to count!!


Because God’s lovingkindness—His awesome mercy, and gracious goodness—His tender, generous, attentive care—and His sacrificial provision to redeem our souls, if we obey Him—is actually better…than…life….itself!!


His lovingkindness to us far outshines anything we may long for….or acheive of our own making….it surpasses anything we could dream of….or hope to create for ourselves!!


Truthfully spoken in the book of Psalms thousands of years ago, “His loving kindness is better than life”!!


Because of that—how can we not praise Him–PRAISE HIM!!!!—for as long as we have life in ourselves!!?  And using the days we have, bless, or make Him happy, in response to His incredible goodness to us!!!!?


He deserves all of our hearts!!!  We truly owe Him our lives!!!


Thinking of you, with hugs!


p.s.  As I searched through photos looking for the “right one” to share with you here, I took a journey along memory lane: and saw pics of my husband just last spring, strong and capable, effortlessly strolling along in the park.  Things like that are just so easy to take for granted!

By God’s mercy, my husband lived!  And although he is weak, he is walking again!   Though it’s painful and tiring…if a warm spring day comes along when he has the strength, I think we need to stroll that park again, where we can revisit the forsythia-rimmed waters…and take in some of God’s beauty, complete with diamond reflections and birdsong—and praise His lovingkindness!!!!

You too?  I know God has filled your life with a myriad of blessings as well–just waiting to be discovered and appreciated!!  In praise of His lovingkindness!!!



One thought on “Psalm 63:3-4

  1. Oh dear Lisa! How DID you put this together after we talked? I know – God did it – he just used you to get it out to US! You are as bright and as welcomed and as beautiful and sweet as the Forsythia reaching for the water. You are a special one – to be sure. Thank you God for Lisa!

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