“In Everything Give Thanks”


This fun and whimsical painting, inspired by the apple harvest,  is entitled,
“In everything give thanks.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18.



It’s an easy thing to say—but another thing entirely to do, when we find a worm staring us in the face after biting into an apple—

—or worse yet, when we find part of a worm staring us in the face, after having just swallowed a bite!

Thankfulness!  Can we practice it?!  Then?!

How many of us own a paring knife?!

Life is less than perfect….. …..but we can decide to sure enjoy the good part….anyway!

Because there certainly is a good part!

We can always be thankful for the part the worm didn’t get!

And thankfulness helps us…by changing our perspective…improving our outlook…increasing our appreciation….and calming our hearts….

Now…anyone for a beautiful apple?

Please don’t fear life’s imperfections!  

Instead, be thankful!



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