Refreshing, life-giving, nourishing.


As the streams pass along the edges of the rocks, I wonder where they’ve been…what they’ve seen…what experiences they could tell, if they were able.

What about you?

What experiences have affected the course of your pathway, enhanced your journey, caused you to grow, flavoured your waters?

We cannot deny that many people and events make an impact on our lives—as we allow them to.

But one thing is vital to remember as we travel the course of our days, our weeks, our months and years, and it is this:

“What does the LORD require of you?

but to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Micah 6:8.

Ultimately, regardless of all the powerful influences upon our lives, we get to choose—-in reality, we have to choose—–

—–and the most momentous choice of all is to choose to walk humbly with our God, in obedience to Him…..doing justly….loving mercy!

Regardless of the course we must pass, the environment, or even the influences that may hound us, choosing to walk humbly with God will make an amazing, nurturing, and refreshing difference in our lives today, and bring calm and sweet waters in the end!

I’m so grateful for that!


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