May the God of Hope Fill You with All JOY and PEACE


What a description for the truly awesome God: the GOD OF HOPE!

That He is!  And far, far more than we can ever imagine!

Among all the vast kindnesses that He offers to the children of men, we find that God also wants to lavish us–FILLING our hearts–with JOY and PEACE!…gifts offered to those who BELIEVE–to those who TRUST in HIM!

Amazing!  And thought-provoking!

Because we have to ask…if we may be lacking in JOY and PEACE….does that mean we may be forgetting to TRUST IN HIM?!

TRUST produces HOPE…and JOY…and PEACE!!

We all long for those, as nourishment to our souls!  TRUST in the awesome God of HOPE is where it all begins!

If you are interested in taking a look, here is a simple break-down of this passage–with some significant definitions from the original language–to help us better grasp and appreciate the depth of its meaning! (Defined in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance)

Romans 15: 13-14

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

“Now may the God of…

…HOPE:—to anticipate, usually with pleasure; expectation or confidence

…FILL:—to make replete, i.e. literally to cram (a net), level up (a hollow), or figuratively to furnish or imbue, diffuse, influence, satisfy, finish (a period or task), verify, etc.

…you with…

…ALL: all, any, every, the whole

…JOY: cheerfulness, i.e. calm delight

…and PEACE: peace, quietness, rest

…in BELIEVING: to have faith in, upon, or with respect to, a person or thing, i.e. credit; by implication, to entrust (especially one’s spiritual well-being to Christ)

…that you may ABOUND: to superabound (in quantity or quality), be in excess, be superfluous

…in HOPE: to anticipate, usually with pleasure; expectation or confidence

…by the POWER: force (literally or figuratively); specially, miraculous power

…of the Holy Spirit.

WOW!  There’s so much in this text–such reason for REJOICING and HOPE–built on the foundation of TRUST in the awesome God of HOPE!

Will . you . TRUST . HIM . and . discover . HOPE . and . JOY?



p.s.  After an extended illness, it’s good to be back and well enough to be writing again…thank you for your patience while the blog was quiet…and thank you for your prayers!

6 thoughts on “May the God of Hope Fill You with All JOY and PEACE

  1. Dear Daughter: It is truly good to receive your blogs again, comforting our hearts that you are feeling up to it again. You have returned with a verse of Scripture that clearly reveals your deep trust in the Father. He truly is the provider of true HOPE, and He does this through the working of the Holy Spirit. All of this is for a reason, that we may have that Hope, which is expectation based on the promise of the Father. And much more ! with love and thanks, -Dad

    • MUCH THANKS for your loving words, caring and prayers!! The loving Father in heaven deserves all the glory for the beautiful HOPE that He offers!! How can we but praise Him–with our hearts and with our lives! I THANK YOU, Dad, for the heavenly Father has blessed me richly with your life!!
      Love and hugs!

  2. Oh Lisa, How wonderful to see you are writing again and so appropriate for this time of Thanksgiving. What a thought provoking message of hope and peace and joy for us. How blessed we are!

    The flowers in your “post” are just beautiful and look very similar to the pot of mums that have shown up at my house. Are they from you? And if so – why?

    I hope you are feeling better every day and that soon we will be sharing cups of tea.

    Have a lovely day tomorrow.

    Love, Lynn

    • Thank YOU Lynn!

      This text is amazing, isn’t it?–revealing the beautiful heart of the awesome God, Who wants so much to reach out and comfort those who’ll draw near to Him!!! Such gifts He offers!!!

      If flowers arrived at your home, it must be because someone thinks you are precious and deserve to be treated a little by their beauty!! ❤

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