How Precious is Your Loving Kindness, O God! ~Psalm 36:7

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Our hearts are hungry for genuine love!

The most genuine love we’ll ever, ever discover is this:

“How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God.

Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings.”


Could there be a more beautiful and endearing picture of love, than this one—as God Himself offers to the children of mankind, such tender comfort, and closeness to Himself!

Can you imagine?  That the God of all creation–the Maker of all that is–longs to love, to care for, protect, draw close, and comfort you and me!  He truly does!

How amazing!

How beautiful and precious is His love!



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1 John4:19 affirms:

“We love Him because He first loved us”

Loving another because you’ve already received unlimited, unconditional, honest, authentic and sacrificial love from that one first…makes loving in return such a simple decision…so safe…so sure!

But that will never, never, ever be more the case than with the awesome God of heaven…Who loved us first…perfectly–and Who’s shown His love in such great abundance–at such a huge personal sacrificial cost–through Jesus’ gift–perfectly….not in a flawed way like humans!


 Don’t you want to just thank Him with your life in response–giving your heart to seek and follow Him in return for such a precious love!?

That needs to be our hearts’ response…to His love!  There is NO OTHER LOVE like His for His children!!

Sending hugs and warm wishes to you!


p.s.   I made this heart sketch especially for you…in case you’d like to print off one for yourself…or to frame as a gift…or to create your own cards of love for others!  Hope you’ll enjoy its vintage-style design!  Below is the graphic to download…



IMG_3090 (2)











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