BLESSED is the Man Who TRUSTS in the LORD, Jeremiah 17:7-8

Jeremiah 17 7-8





These are precious commodities…and not very plentiful, or common, in our day, are they?

There are just so many things we can’t trust in or depend on!


But did you notice what they do for the one who TRUSTS in the LORD?…and for the one who’s HOPE is the LORD?  That one is blessed…happy!!

He is like a tree whose roots reach all the way to a continual source of life-giving and refreshing water..always satisfied and nurtured by the GOODNESS of GOD!!


Can you imagine anything better in the heat or droughts that come our way–than to have access to the real Source of Life!!


GOD offers that to you and me!!


We just need to reach for Him–as a tree sends it thirsty roots in search of life-giving water….

Really HOPING…..

truly TRUSTING the LORD….

We’ll never, never, ever be disappointed!




P.S. MUCH, MUCH THANKS to guest-photographer Ronnet Meeboer for sharing this stunning graphic with us!  It’s just beautiful, Ronnet!  MUCH appreciation!!





6 thoughts on “BLESSED is the Man Who TRUSTS in the LORD, Jeremiah 17:7-8

  1. Lisa, such comforting thoughts and the picture struck me at once as perfect for the scripture ! Love, Linda

    Sent from my Fire

  2. Hello Linda! I couldn’t agree more–Ronnet did a beautiful job on this pic and chosen scripture text…..God is just so awesome and compassionate: to extend such amazing life and vitality for those who will choose to trust and hope in Him!! Love and hugs!! Lisa

  3. Love your beautiful posts and pictures. I’ve been enjoying sharing them on our Facebook page for Australian clergy families and they have enjoyed them too 🙂 Rachel

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