Nahum 1   7 editted

Can you find yourself walking right into this setting?  First, maybe stepping beneath the dappled shade of the outer limbs of the trees…and then walking deeper, and feeling the calming, nurturing effect of nature enveloping you?

The leaves playing with the light as they move with the breeze. The water lapping on the shoreline, and crickets singing nearby.  Overhead, birds flit and twitter.  The grass is cool.  Ahhh.  Peace.  Haven.  Safety.


But all too often, in real life, we don’t experience nuturing environments…solid refuge….or safe havens.


In reality, often, life is jarring–ugly–screaming demands–dishing out harshness–heartache, hurts and dissappointments.


When that happens—

there is One

Who is always, always good!

Who can always, always be trusted!!

Who cares deeply about what is happening to you…

…and if you will come to Him with your tattered heart…

….offers you a true, safe haven in the midst of your chaos, sickness, fears or uncertainties…

…light in the darkness…

…and purpose for your life!


HE makes all the difference!!

HE KNOWS those who really TRUST Him–and is right there, drawing near, no matter what is happening in your life around you–

HE is near–when YOU draw near to Him!


Hoping you will draw near to God, and be nurtured under the shelter of His goodness…rejoicing in Him!





“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.  Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”

James 4:8-9


6 thoughts on “The LORD is GOOD…and HE KNOWS THOSE WHO TRUST in HIM

  1. Lisa, your heart forever inspiring my heart – – thank you.

    John, may you have and enjoy the peace and calm that Lisa speaks about on this Father’s Day. God Bless You both.
    Love, marilyn

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