The Eye of the LORD is on Those Who Fear Him

psalm 33  18



Have you ever thought of how it’s certainly something we all want–and all need–from the LORD!?  We all have the horrible reality of our sins…that we can do nothing about…blackening our souls and chaining us in guilt!  We need God’s mercy!

How would you define MERCY?

If you said that mercy is loving kindness when it’s undeserved, or that it’s goodness or favour….you would be right.


It’s beautiful to realize that God’s eye–His attention and concern–are on those who fear Him–upon those who are reverent toward His awesomeness, His truth and His justice!

And His eye is on those–and this is a promise–His eye is on those who wait, or hope patiently, for God’s mercy!!  Through God’s amazing love, He offers us a ransom…His only Son…Who alone can pay to redeem us from sin–if we’ll follow Him!


Could there possibly be any place we could rather be than in the centre of God’s attention and care, love, mercy and favour?

I don’t think there is a greater place in existence!




It’s something to long for…and live for!


Thinking of you and sending hugs!


p.s. This little picture was captured in the garden of our American parents!  They love to coax beauty to life at their home!  Thank you Macon and Clara for all the love and attention you shower on your flowers, friends and kids….and not in that particular order!


p.p.s.  If any of you folks have a beautiful pic you would like me to consider sharing here with others, please send it along by following the contact link at the top of this page.

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