The Joy of the LORD is Your Strength

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In June, we took two of our visiting grand children to an antique carousel ride for some fun….and it was sure good medicine for us to have them visit….just shortly after getting the lung cancer and brain tumor diagnoses!

And of course, we enjoyed the children enjoying the carousel–immensesly!

There’s just something about the carousel atmosphere–the special, colourfully hand-painted animals…the wonderful carousel music…the excited children…the whirl of the wind through your hair as the ride goes around…the glimpses of loved ones waving from the sidelines…and of course. for we older ones, the fun of trying not to be sick from the motion of it all, either!  And, just maybe… brings the kid out in us too!

Times like this are special memory gems to be tucked away and treasured!

But when things are not as rosy as a carousel ride with those that you treasure…then what?

The Lord encourages us in His word, the Bible, to remember that,

“The joy of the LORD is your strength.”

Nehemiah 8:10.

But what does that really mean?!

A closer look at the words in the Hebrew reveal more insight.

“JOY” comes from the word: rejoicing, gladness; and

“STRENGTH” means a fortified place; a defence.

We can understand those words: when we are “rejoicing” in the LORD, we will find ourselves defended, or in a “fortified, strengthened” place.  That’s amazing!!!!

We may imagine a massive castle grounded on a hill; with a mote surrounding it; towering walls made of rock; and armed guards diligently watching……a fortified, strengthened place…a defence!  A great place to be inside, during times of difficulty or doubt or danger.

And that’s just what rejoicing in the LORD provides for us–a fortified place, a defence—a very, very safe place!!!  And I love that!

And it’s a choice!

I cherish what is taught in Philippians 4:6,

“Rejoice in the LORD always.

 Again I will say, rejoice!”

What a great, safe place that rejoicing in the LORD provides for us!!



2 thoughts on “The Joy of the LORD is Your Strength

  1. May our God and Father defend you, protect and uphold you as you rejoice and trust in Him! May all praise and glory be His!

    Remaining in fervent prayer for strength and complete healing! Love you sister!

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