The LORD Most High is Awesome!

John's sketch-002

Psalm 47:2

“…the LORD Most High is awesome;

He is a great King over all the earth.”

There is only one King over all the earth!

Though there are many nations, with many earthly, human kings and rulers—-yet still, there is only one King over all the earth—and that is the holy God!

And in all of His majesty and might, power and dominion, He—the King of all the earth—is mindful of each one of us—He is mindful of our joys and our dreams—our hopes and ambitions—

He is mindful of our fears and our sorrows—

….and in all of that—He cares!!


More than we could ever hope to deserve!

Please remember that today…and tomorrow…that whatever comes…

He knows…He cares….

….and if we cling to Him in obedience, we can find Him right here, present…

….because after all—He is the King over all the earth!

There is nothing He cannot do!



P.S.  I sketched this scene for my sweet husband, who is truly too good to me—to thank him…and to wish him a wonderful Father’s Day!

And Happy Father’s Day wishes to all the dear men in our lives….who have been loving and caring!  We appreciate you!

Please feel welcome to copy and print this sketch for your own personal use—it might look nice framed, or printed to make cards, or even decoupaged on a wooden box or piece of slate…

4 thoughts on “The LORD Most High is Awesome!

  1. He is awesome. I’m glad you shared this, and I know your sweet husband is going to need these thoughts from Scripture. It’s good to be a member of the King’s family.

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