Best of Friends

Best of Friends edited in Picassa-001

There was a knock on the door…and there stood dear and sweet friends holding out a tissue-paper filled basket….for me…

……and this lovely hand-crafted doll was nestled inside…with her lovingly painted features…her golden locks…and her intricately fashioned costume….smiling up at me!

Can you imagine?  At nearly fifty years old I was being gifted with a darling treasure of a doll–for my very own!

What a delight!

And she is treasured! 

As are these very dear friends who are such a blessing in our lives! 

Soon, this treasured doll was taken to my studio, where she was introduced to this friendly, though some-what lonely mama bear and her cub….who snuggled in close, and protectively cradled the new doll.  Mama bear made her feel immediately right-at-home…and they very quickly became best-of-friends!

Whether a gift is a beautifully handcrafted porcelain doll, like this lovely one….a wonderfully-put-together tea basket artfullly filled with goodies and love….a special hand-lettered card and picture from a little encourager…..or a home-made clay ornament wrapped in kleenex tissues….a hand-full of freshly picked dandelions…a stone gathered and offered by a toddler on a walk….or a warm and genuine smile…when a gift is given with love and friendship…it’s a great, and special treasure!

Because friendship…in its purest form….is a wonderful thing…and is a gift, in and of itself!

Proverbs 17:17 declares that:

“A friend loves at  all times.”

Not when there’s something to be gained…not for selfish reasons…not just when the subject is loveable—but in a steady, dependable, honest, caring manner…..loving ALL the time!

We certainly all need friends like that!  How thankful to God we should be for real, loving friends!

And…each of us needs to be that kind of friend to others, too!




Please feel welcome to copy and print this scripture/art graphic for personal use!

It would be darling framed in a little girl’s room, or powder room…or to make thank you notes, or party invitations….or use it to wrap a potato chip cannister, or paper mache cylinder and tuck a gift or goodies inside…if you like, embellish your creation with ribbons and buttons and you are all set…

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