Magnify Him with Thanksgiving

butterly sketch Mar 20113-001

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Have you ever thought about the significant value of your thanksgivings toward God?


In the very act of thanking Him for all of the goodness He gives to you–and showers down on you—each and every day–you are magnifying–and esteeming–His Holy name!

He is so worthy to be praised for all of His kindnesses…

….and you….

can do…

just that…




and on-going praise and thanksgiving!!!

“I will praise the name of God with a song,
And will magnify Him with thanksgiving .”

Psalm 69:30



6 thoughts on “Magnify Him with Thanksgiving

  1. Dearest Lisa, This is so true. I insert this in my daily prayers. It is so important to give God all the honor, glory, and praise. As always your artwork is beautiful. I would rec it anywhere. Can’t wait to see u for the meeting. Think of u so often. U come up in convo more than u know. (not in the earburning way, in a very good way, lol ). Safe travels and many blessings. Tonya

  2. My Canadian daughter, I love it!!! I’ve decided that most of us are negligent in our praise and honor to our God. Thanks for reminding us and we will try our best to do better. You “Know” I love you very much!! Hugs and kisses. Clara

    • Ahhh!!
      Thank you so much for your comments!!
      Our amazing Father deserves all the thanks we can give Him–for ALL of His kind graciousness!!!!
      We sure love you very much–back!!
      With hugs and kisses, too!

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