Sending a touch of beauty….hope you can catch its fragrance!

Sending a touch of beauty….hope you can catch its fragrance!

This spring, I buried humble bulbs in the cold, hard, dark earth, which were then harassed by severe storms of wind and rains as they unfurled….and this was the result!!

Amazing, isn’t it?

Sometimes, even difficult or ugly things can help bring about beauty in our lives—and strengthen our purpose—and sharpen our focus—and accomplish many good things—that could not have come about any other way—and I love that about life!

God can make all things beautiful in His time!  Ecclesiastes 3:11

I hope that any ugliness that you may be facing right now—any uncertainty or any fearful situation, will  eventually be able to blossom into beauty and joy—when placed into the hands of the very Creator Who can bring about such beauty as is seen in this flower…..from just a small, humble brown bulb, and a pile of dirt, when mixed with rain!

The key is to trust in this Creator!!!

And He is so worthy of our trust!!!

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