Set Your Heart and Your Soul to Seek the LORD ~ 1 Chronicles 22:19

Rest in the LORD gosling

I would have missed them!  The little parade of puffballs!

But my husband not only saw them as we drove along—he even turned around, went back, and parked, so that I could capture these pics for you!

Such a good guy!

on a mission 1 Chronicles 16 10-11

Darling little things, these baby goslings…as soft and fragile as rose petals.  It was a treat to watch them waddle and quack.  But as I studied them, I was impressed by the fact that the majority of their interest and energy was focused on searching the ground for food.  They were so intent!

You know—it’s a remarkable thing—have you ever thought about it—how that all healthy babies, human and animal, are born instinctively seeking!?

goslings seeking 1 chron 22 19

They seek nourishment—they seek comfort—they seek protection—they seek rest!

And likely you can think of other things they naturally seek, as well.  Even without being instructed or educated, they’re born with an innate drive to have their basic, fundamental needs filled!

Why is that?

It’s a matter of survival!

 If those needs are not met—they will die!


seeking Deut 4 29

How is it that as newborn babies, we humans have no qualms about waking our mothers, even at 3 a.m., for our nourishment?  We have no problem finding refuge with our parents during a midnight thunderstorm—even if it means disturbing their sleep?  We need!  We seek!  And thankfully, they care!

Is it possible, that though we’re so keenly aware of our physical needs—that we may overlook or miss the absolute need for nourishing our spiritual selves?

We need to seek God—and His truth!

Just as these wee goslings were so intent on finding nourishment and then rest, we too must seek, and seek, then seek some more—to find spiritual truth and nourishment in God’s precious word!  He longs to give it!

And then rest, contentment and comfort will follow!

Rest in the LORD gosling




One thought on “Set Your Heart and Your Soul to Seek the LORD ~ 1 Chronicles 22:19

  1. So nice to see you back writing Lisa and capturing some beautiful photos of the goslings while matching them with encouragement from God’s Word. Lovely.

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