Let All Those Who Seek You…Rejoice and be Glad in YOU…Psalm 40:16

ps 40 16 cottoneaster

I can remember as a child playing the game of Hide and Seek…you do too, don’t you?
I’d hear the words, “One, two, three, four….” and my little heart would skip and my adrenaline would start rushing, while my young mind and bare feet were just scrambling to hurry and find a safe place to take cover–quick!–before I was caught!

And I thought I was a pretty good “hider”! After all, the object was to NOT be found. I could conceal myself in closets or under the bed, or if outside, climbing a tree or hiding behind bushes could work just fine, making the “finder” work all the harder…which was the point! I was only safe if I wasn’t found!
And I suppose that’s just why no one enjoyed being “it”–because that meant a lot of hard work looking for players that didn’t want to be found!

In the spiritual realm—I’m just so grateful that we’re not playing a game of Hide and Seek–because the LORD Who loves us so intensely, WANTS to be found…
…by you and me!!

He’s NOT hiding!

He wants to have a connection with us–a real, living, vibrant, blessing-filled relationship! He wants to be our Father! An utterly amazing thought!
That’s why Psalm 40:16 affirms that those who really, truly seek God WILL be able to rejoice in Him! Because–please consider this–in truth–only when we FIND Him are we really SAFE!

God is precious—and a rich, loving relation with Him is so worth having!! It will bring nothing but soul-satisfying rejoicing! Truly! Guaranteed!

“…you will seek the LORD your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Jeremiah 29:13.

…with all your heart…and all your soul!

Are you seeking Him?


p.s. Don’t be shy if you want to talk about this–please just send your thoughts in the comment section.

8 thoughts on “Let All Those Who Seek You…Rejoice and be Glad in YOU…Psalm 40:16

  1. Thanks dear daughter for your inspiring thoughts, and the memories it brings back to the old Dad. I think of the places where we have lived as you were growing up, and just where would you choose to hide, as you played that game. The corn fields outside the Tintern preacher’s house was probably one of them. We are thankful that you were God’s gift to us, and that you found the Lord, and He is the Lord of your life, and that you and John are helping others to find Him too. lots of love, Dad.

    • Thank you Dad for your precious words–and your precious love!!

      You and Mom are the ones who taught us to love the Lord!! How we THANK YOU!!!

      Feel my hugs! Sending much love!!

  2. Thank you. I am trying to be present and praying for ability to seek Him – daily. I’ve let fear rule me. Not good! God bless and keep both of you close.

    Hugs, marilyn

  3. You precious girl!! You have a beautiful heart!! Keep reaching toward Him, and seeking….the Lord wants nothing less for you, Marilyn, than to have you find Him–to have Him in your life–and to walk with you!!!

    Sure love you!!

  4. Lisa, I love your devotional heart towards God … your words, your beautiful photography, your generous sharing of ideas & artwork – all these things are a reflection of who you are. I have been blessed to know you and John just a little bit over these past few years … faithfulness … is a word that comes to mind when I think of you (& John too); it is so nice to see you writing again. hugs. peggysue

    • Peggy!

      How special for you to write–your words are sweet and so encouraging–thank you!! The Lord is so extremely gracious to each one of us–we can only attempt to love and praise Him in turn for all of His goodness!! Because He is so worthy!

      Please feel my hugs–you are thought of often!

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