I Have Loved You with an Everlasting Love

spiderweb edited



Jeremiah 31:3


…I have loved you with an everlasting love;

Therefore with loving kindness I have drawn you.










Can you imagine that the Creator of everything offers such intense and eternal love for people? Yet He does!


And because of His love…in loving kindness, He draws people to Himself!


He doesn’t force us to love Him…

…….instead, He gives us the choice…He allows us to respond to His amazing love and kindness,

and offers showers of blessings—more than imaginable—to those who will come to Him–and obey Him!!




Now, a delicate spider’s web is a beautiful thing, glistening with the morning dew and catching the light…but its strength is very insignificant, except to tiny insects. It’s nothing for us to run just one finger through a web to sever its strands, ruining its beauty. It’s no match for our strength.


Similarly, we must understand that the confidence of those who do not want God in their lives—or His loving direction—that their confidence is also a very fragile thing—their hope will perish—and their trust is only in something as fleeting and disposable as a spider’s web.


…the hope of the godless will perish,

whose confidence is fragile,

and whose trust is a spider’s web.

Job 8:13-14


It’s something to think about.


Will we choose to respond to God’s love—with nothing less than obedience and thankful praise?!

The blessings of God’s love are not worth missing!!





p.s. Much thanks to Laura Greenawalt for sharing this stunning photo of the delicate web with us!

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