I Thank God for You


“I thank my God , making mention of you always in my prayers,

hearing of your love and faith which you have toward the Lord.”

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to think of–and thank–the women who have impacted our lives in loving ways!

I know that you thank the LORD if you’ve had, or have, a mother who is…





Or if you have dear women in your circle–in your life–who give you warmth and kindness…and help enrich your faith!

Such precious women help each of us to grow and stretch–to be the best that we can be–because they believe in us, encourage us and instruct us in positive ways!

In case you’re looking for a little way to say “THANK YOU” to a dear woman–or to a few–I’ve painted these little whimsical messages for you–they are hot off the press–meaning the paint is barely dry–


Perhaps you’d like to copy and print–then share them with someone in your life…who has touched your heart in special ways…as a small way of saying “I love you, too!”

scripture miniatures with text

This little message-card-set should not be limited to use just for Mother’s Day—it would be a great little token of love and appreciation for any time: birthdays; thank you’s; encouragement; or just because….

(You’ll find several extra ideas for using these minature prints at the end of the post.)

I used cream-coloured cardstock paper…really pale or even white paper will work best, since the paintings are pastel…and the heavy texture creates nice miniature cards. One sheet of paper will print all 8 designs. Then simply cut apart between the little paintings. You may wish to use decorative-edged scissors, or cut them with straight scissors. And you’ll notice I punched several with a pretty paper punch.

If you want to get a little fancy–you may add glue and glitter–I like the very fine, white or irredescent glitter the best.

I added vintage buttons to two of the miniatures. Tiny ribbon bows would be nice too.

The actual gift presentation of this little set of messages can be fun, pretty and whimsical!

You could tuck this set of prints into a pretty beaded purse–or a vintage hankie–a little basket–or a pair of antique women’s gloves–an organza favour bag–or how about a pocket-full-of-posies, created by cutting out the back pocket from a worn-out pair of jeans to tuck the cards into? Even just holding them in a little bundle with a wonderful ribbon tied into a bow, would be so sweet!

I made a little envelope for the set of minature prints from a vintage, rectangular doilly, that had one end curved slightly. Simply starch and press, then fold into an envelope–close the sides by gluing or sewing–embellish the flap for a pretty touch–and your envelope is ready to nestle your little messages of love and gratitude inside…


…all ready for giving to a precious woman in your life–one you’ve thanked God for–and one you’d like to thank…on Mother’s Day!

Here are just a few extra ideas for the miniature designs:

—-Glue these designs to the front covers of plain, little inexpensive journals…and embellish.

—-Use each one tucked into your dinner napkins for a special meal.

—-These little cards could be used as bookmarks, if printed on card-stock paper. Simply punch a hole at one end and tie on a beautiful piece of ribbon…

They could also be laminated before punching for greater durability…

—-Punch the top of each card and tie them onto a small wreath…

—-Used individually, these prints may be glued to the front of plain, pre-made cards from the hobby shop, to enhance them. Or, take a regular-sized piece of paper, or card-stock, and fold it in half, forming a card (–or alternatively, you can cut the paper in half, and then fold each piece in half, to make 2 smaller cards).

Then, just glue the little miniature to the card front. If you want to make it fancier, you may cut a co-ordinating piece of paper, just a little larger than the print, to highlight it, and glue both pieces to the card front. Have fun decorating it with glitter, glue, ribbons, etc. You can quickly make a set of 8 sweet cards–to give as a set, or individually, to friends!

Hope you’ll enjoy these whimsical little project ideas…and….Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!!


p.s. A dear, sweet friend inspired this idea, when she gifted me with a darling beaded change-purse in which she’d tucked little thoughtful messages of sweetness! I immediately thought of you all–and how this was an idea I could translate into little paintings that you might want to share with your dear ones! Again, much, much thanks Marilyn!!


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