Serve the LORD Your God with JOY and Gladness of Heart


Deuteronomy 28:47 encourages us to

“…serve the LORD your God


joy and gladness of heart,

 for the abundance of everything…”

Isn’t it true…that we are so richly…abundantly…filled-to-overflowing…with blessings?


I hope we really see that!


And what is our heart’s response to Him for such loving care and provision?

The awesome God Who has so abundantly cared for us deserves ALL of our praise…

…and ALL of our lives,

…devoted to Him in joyful, gladness

…with ALL of our hearts!!

The Hebrew word used here, translated joy, means blithesomeness or glee.

Do we find our hearts feeling that type of joy when we consider the abundance of God’s love and care for us?  He most definately deserves no less!

Sending hugs!


5 thoughts on “Serve the LORD Your God with JOY and Gladness of Heart

  1. I love this verse! Such a wonderful reminder, Lisa! It can be easy to get caught up in the world and let it get us down but this reminder is good for helping me to remember this is all temporary and putting my faith and trust in God always is eternal. Joy and gladness are possible always through Him! It also brings to mind Paul and the trials he went through, he always praised and trusted God through it all. Thank you, Lisa!

    • Great thoughts, Cheryl!! Thanks so much for sharing them…and for your sweet encouragement! I love how this verse teaches us that God wants us to serve Him with joy and gladness for the abundance of all things….!! Hugs!


  2. Hello! I was just reading this today after cross-referencing to another verse of the chapter from Isaiah. I’ve been struggling with some things and I knew why but seeing it in scripture at the very time I was pondering the effects in my life really shows how the Lord speaks to you. I just came online to find an image to go with the reference to help me remember. Thank you for your service.

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