In Everything Give Thanks

3-3-2014       (If you are opening this in your email inbox, please click on the BLUE TITLE above, In Everything Give Thanks, so that it can open in a much larger, better window.)

If you’re like most people, it’s just so easy to see the things that are going wrong in our lives–the things that need to be fixed because they are broken–improved because they are inefficient–edited because they don’t work–healed because they are hurting!

I’d guess you know what I mean!

And those are realities we live with everyday, right?

BUT–and this is big–

–if we ONLY FOCUS on the NEGATIVE, that’s what we’ll see!  And then we will fail to see all of the good–all of the positive –all of the beautiful things God has provided in our lives as well!

Our lives then become just too dark–too heavy–and too hard to take!

There is a powerful antidote to all of this negativity–can you guess what it is?


Did you know that in EVERY difficulty there is something to be grateful, and thankful for?  In EVERYTHING!  Yes!  Will you dare test that concept to see if it’s so?

You break a nail, and you have nine other good ones!  (I’m kidding!)

The boss yells at you, but the kids still love you.  Money is tight, but laughter is free. You wreck the car, but you survive!  You are seriously ill, but you have amazing people who support and care for you!

There is always…always something to be thankful for–in every negative situation—and so, having eyes of gratitude to see it will definitely,  most certainly, completely change our perspectives, and our attitudes….and that’s powerful!

God–the Giver of every good and perfect gift (James 1:17) certainly deserves our thanks!!  Always!!  And when our hearts are full of thanksgiving–then our eyes will be fixed on the Giver!  How powerfully that lifts our hearts…because He loves us so tenderly!!

To that end—I have a project idea for you—

If you are interested, I’d like to supply you with black and white sketches that you can copy: you can use one or two images per page, then print, cut and gather them into a hand-crafted book, or a small binder or folder to create a THANKFULNESS JOURNAL.  I plan to create about four different images for you, one each week for a month, Lord-willing.

I finished this one for you yesterday…Lord-willing, it will also be included in an inspirational gift book that I’m working on right now…and I’ll plan to tell you more about that later on….

And so, if you are interested, please feel free to use the designs and jot your thanks to the Father, each and every day, if possible…’ll be on your way to a more positive, grateful, happy point-of-view, while you glorify God for every good thing!!  I think He’d be pleased about that, don’t you?  And remember, He sure deserves our thanks!!

I’d love to see pictures of your thankfulness journals once you’ve compiled them.

Happy journaling!



p.s.  I created this image in black and white to keep your costs down on printing multiple pages.  For a pretty little zip of colour, why not print onto coloured paper–pink, green, lavender, or yellow would be nice, or you could use an assortment of colours to create a rainbow effect.  Enjoy!

You’ll have to tweak, stretch or shrink this image to fit into your page, after copying and pasting it into Word or other program.

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